Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Another attack on indians

As the fifth Indian is attacked in a month, the Australian Deputy Prime Minister Julia Gillard spoke about the spate of alleged racial attacks against Indian students in Australia.
She said the attacks are not racist and that her government is helping Indian students.
she said that I have made a statement in the Parliament on Tuesday to ensure that all Indian students are safe and to send the message that international students are welcome here.
As a nation we condemn these cowardly attacks. The foreign minister has spoken to the premiere of Victoria about further action to assist Indian students.
We want to make sure that we send the message that Indian students are welcome here, safe here and have a good experience here.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Chennai win against Royal Challengers

Chennai Super Kings put back their title defence on track in a stunning fashion with a massive 92-run win over Bangalore Royal Challengers in an Indian Premier League match in Port Elizabeth on Monday (April 20).

The Chennai side first rattled up a huge 179 for five, riding on Australian Matthew Hayden's blistering 35-ball 65 and then bundled out Bangalore for just 87 in 15.2 overs.

Dhoni won the toss, it was Sri Lankan spin wizard who bamboozled the Bangalore batsmen with his variation and turns as he returned with figures of 3/1Dhoni did not stay for long as he was out for 16 after facing 14 balls to give the first wicket to Praveen Kumar who also scalped Suresh Raina (28; 1X1 1X6), who was dropped by Dale Steyn when on 12. Andrew Flintoff (22 off 13) gave some fireworks towards the end to take 14 runs off last over which also saw Albie Morkel dismissed last ball of innings off Steyn.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

trendy hairstyles for the season

Glamour of a hairstyles depends on the shape of a face.there are different hairstyles that you can opt for this season,hairstyles totally depend on ur face structure. (1)An oblong face Or slender face:
People with oblong faces have high forehead and long chins, therefore they require haircuts that add width and volume to their hair. Too much hair length will make an oblong face long. Suitable short style include the Wedge design, while long manes in full styles that falls at, or above the shoulder.
(2)A diamond shaped face:
Most hairstyles suit people with a diamond shaped face. Avoid all hair styles that leave your forehead completely exposed. Your best look is a rounded shape where there is no hair on your neck and with fullness at the bottom.
Wide wispy bangs help to create a oval look for the diamond shaped faces. The classic look for diamond shaped faces is a graduated bob that falls to the chin. Try a wispy design to soften the edges.
(3)A triangular shaped face:
People with a triangular shaped face should have shorter hairstyles that balance the prominent jaw line. Avoid full hairstyles that draw attention to the jaw line. Since you have a triangular shaped face, you want to narrow the chin and widen the forehead.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

the wrestler-review

Directed by: Darren Aronofsky
Written by: Robert D. Siegel
Starring: Mickey Rourke,Marisa Tomei,Evan Rachel Wood,Ernest Miller
Music by: Clint Mansell
Studio: Wild Bunch
the wrestler,the word tells u all about what it is…yes its a story about a wrestler…. amazing stuffs put in to this venture.great movie and worth watching it.the story is about a wrestler with fame to the core and how he faces troubles in his life proceedings… he feels alone….. he deseased…. cries….. smiles…. possitive…… emerging at last to stand up with his fame and fells at last to death………. every emotions were potrayed in a great manner………. worth watching it for a dozen times too………… mickey rourkee rocked.. enjoy

Anger management!

In modern society, anger is viewed as an immature or uncivilized response to frustration, threat, violation, or loss. Conversely, keeping calm, coolheaded, or turning the other cheek is considered more socially acceptable. This conditioning can cause inappropriate expressions of anger such as uncontrolled violent outbursts, misdirected anger or repressing all feelings of anger when it would be an appropriate response to the situation. Also, anger that is constantly “bottled up” can lead to persistent violent thoughts or actions[1], nightmares and even physical symptoms[2]. Anger can also aggravate an already present mental health problem such as clinical depression.
Many people believe that depression is in fact anger turned inwards. This is because many depressed people react to stress by turning their anger inward as a response to physical or mental abuse or neglect from parents or others. One secondary effect of the depression sufferer’s denial of anger is that their interpersonal relationships are often unhappy and unhealthy.
Another side-effect of anger is that it can fuel obsessions, phobias, addictions and manic tendencies. Many people who are not able to express their anger will let it out in some sort of furious activity which can result in clinical depression or even bipolar disorder. Anger can also fan the flames of paranoia and prejudice, even in normal, everyday situations. People tend to express their anger either passively or aggressively through the fight-or-flight response. The passive “flight” response is repression and denial of anger for safety. However, aggressive behavior is associated with the “fight” response and the use of the verbal and physical power of anger to abuse and hurt others.
Methods of anger management:
1.Psychologists recommend a balanced approach to anger, which both controls the emotion and allows the emotion to express itself in a healthy way. Some descriptions of actions of anger management are
2.Direct, such as not beating around the bush, making behaviour visible and conspicuous, using body language to indicate feelings clearly and honestly, anger directed at persons concerned.
3.Honorable, such as making it apparent that there is some clear moral basis for the anger, being prepared to argue your case, never using manipulation or emotional blackmail, never abusing another person’s basic human rights, never unfairly hurting the weak or defenseless, taking responsibility for actions.
4.Focused, such as sticking to the issue of concern, not bringing up irrelevant material.
5.Persistent, such as repeating the expression of feeling in the argument over and over again, standing your ground, self defense.Courageous, such as taking calculated risks, enduring short term discomfort for long term gain, risking displeasure of some people some of the time, taking the lead, not showing fear of other’s anger, standing outside the crowd and owning up to differences, using self-protective skills.
6.Passionate, such as using full power of the body to show intensity of feeling, being excited and motivated, acting dynamically and energetically, initiating change, showing fervent caring, being fiercely protective, enthusing others.
7 .Creative, such as thinking quickly, using more wit, spontaneously coming up with new ideas and new views on subject
8.Forgive, such as demonstrating a willingness to hear other people’s anger and grievances, showing an ability to wipe the slate clean once anger has been expressed.Listen to what is being said to you. Anger creates a hostility filter, and often all you can hear is negatively toned.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Team India rejoices over historic victory

Team India is celebrating and the entire nation is celebrating with them. Their first Test series victory on Kiwi soil after 41 years has given the MS Dhoni-led team and their fans enough reasons to rejoice.While the Indian players rued not finishing the series 2-0 in Wellington, they were ecstatic nonetheless."I'm very happy. We would have been happier with a win here (Wellington). We'll celebrate, won't tell you how but we will," said an excited Yuvraj Singh.Skipper Dhoni also lavished praises on the efforts by his team throughout this tour."Overall, a very good team effort. Contributions came when they were needed. Wickets were on the flatter side, there wasn't much in it for the bowlers, so they had to keep changing their plans and improvising at times.""We have set the benchmark. Next time when we come to New Zealand, people will expect us to win. You have achieved something that's big but the tough part is to maintain it, to sustain it. It never gets easy for a cricketer," he said.The atmosphere too was "fantastic", felt the Captain Cool. "It couldn't get better. It was good from the very first game that we played. We lost the first couple of Twenty20 games, and then won the one-day and Test series."We have improved a lot, we have put in efforts. We wanted to improve in specific areas, which we did. A good learning curve for us, good exposure for some of the youngsters in the side. Overall, a very pleasing tour," he concluded.The seniors of the team were no lesser delighted with the team's performance in New Zealand.Master Blaster Sachin Tendulkar termed this win very special. "We have done this after 41 years. It's very exciting," he said.Sachin, who aggregated 344 runs in three Tests, is also satisfied with his individual performance."I'm happy with how I batted, and especially, glad with the way I moved. Personally for me, we all have our own benchmarks and we do our own thing. We don't worry about what's happening with the other. We try and do our best," said the champion batsman.Rahul Dravid, who had a successful series with the bat and also broke the record for the most number of catches in Tests with 183 catches, felt India deserved to win the series."It's been a terrific win. It's been a great series. It's nice to come here and win. I've been here on three tours, but it's the first time we've won. So I'm really happy for the team and the boys. We deserved to win because we played better cricket," said Dravid.Laxman, who played a match-saving innings in the Napier Test, seconded Dravid's opinion."Very satisfying that we've won a series for the first time. We dominated the first and third Test and when our backs were against the wall, we fought back hard in Napier," he said.It wasn't all self-praise. Encomiums were showered on Team India not only by the former greats but also their opponents."I think you can throw Australia, South Africa and India and there is the three best teams in the world. It's hard to distinguish between the three at the moment. India outplayed us in all departments (in the Third Test)," said New Zealand captain Daniel Vettori. Former greats also hailed the sensational performance by the Indian cricket team."The way this team kept on performing was amazing. I have watched so many Indian teams over the years and I think this is one of the best we ever had," said ex-cricketer Chandu Borde.India's chief selector Krish Srikkanth appreciated team's consistency."This team has been performing consistently in recent times. What makes this team different is the way the boys come out with flying colours in difficult situations. They fought back against Australia in Bangalore, did the same against England in Chennai before the second Test against New Zealand in Napier," he said